Graduation Project. Haifa, Israel 2015
Topic: Arabic words that are used in Hebrew slang. 
Skills: Creating a new font, Logo design, Posters, Web design, Web development. 
The process of making the logo: 
The letter is cyan is "H" in Hebrew, the magenta is "A" in Arabic. 
The connection points are where the two languages meet and that represents the similarities between both languages. 
The slogan:
Language connects people (Literally translated). 
Creating a Hebrew font based on another font in Arabic:
This was a very interesting challenge, I had to basically study the curves and moves of every letter in the Arabic font, and adapt it to the Hebrew alphabet. This was made with the help of my mentor back then who's a professional typography artist. 
Arabic alphabet vs. Hebrew alphabet. (in the new font)
The concept here was to combine and literally "connect" Arabic words with Hebrew words, use some icon to show the meaning, and explain the meaning of the Arabic word as it's used in Arabic, what's interesting here is that some words when used in Hebrew they have a totally different meaning. 

Example: the word Sababa صبابة סבבה in classical Arabic is deep love for someone. When used in Hebrew slang it means "Alright", "Cool"
Web design: 
A store selling merchandise, it also contains a words matching game.
I've also built this website, unfortunately. there's no link available anymore. 

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